Tom Welling— for guys that wanna look like you. What is your daily regiment? What do you do to be so gorgeous? [x]

Tom Welling looking all dapper promoting ‘Draft Day’ [x]

Post-coital OJ | Lois & Clark | Mr. & Mrs. Smith

gotta cover clark jr.



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#every argument you’ve ever made is irrelevant. go home. #i can’t deal with his hands and his fingers and the details therein. #i’ve said this before but it bears repeating: when tom welling is acting so thoroughly that it comes down to his fingers. #you know with the first and how desperately his fingers are grasping at her as if he’s afraid she might disappear#that it’s pandora. and it’s a clark kent who’s spent months - a year - in a world without lois. #he’s so scared. and so broken. and desperate to take these few moments. #because he knows how easily he can lose everything and that this - isn’t going to last. #and then the second - just the leisurely sweep along her spine is ridiculous. #it’s slower; there’s a tenderness and a patience that comes from a lack of fear and hiding. #like way to kill us with your excellent choices welling. bravo.